Newsletter # 1-06 / 2006-04-02

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1. Simulation menu in Tiegris version 1.11.09
2. Adapted Rismo2D version 3.10.01

1. Simulation menu in Tiegris version 1.11.09

I have implemented a menu "Simulation" in the actual Tiegris version, especially to support my activities as a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe. This new menu provides and simplifies the preparation of a simulation with Rismo2D by means of dialogs. The following menu items can be found under the new menu:


Materialtabelle Rauheit...

Rismo2D starten...  

By means of the import/export functionality you may im-
or export Rismo2D startup files (file extension .ris). The parameters in the startup file as well as in the referenced time step and material file may be set using the menu items from "Eingabedateien" (input files) to "Konstanten" (constants).

By means of the last menu item "Rismo2D starten" you obtain the possibility to start Rismo2D directly with the last saved start up file. However, this possibility requires that the file extension ".ris" is connected with the installed Rismo2D-Version. The easiest way to achieve this, is to install Rismo2D on your windows PC by use of the setup program.

Together with the new Tiegris version a small handbook will be installed, where you may find some additional information on Tiegris (in german language).

© Michael Schröder

2. Adapted Rismo2D-Version 3.10.01

The above-mentioned developments in the new Tiegris version did require some minor changes to Rismo2D. Furthermore, two keywords have been added:

This keyword defines some macros for the naming of input and output files. Four standard macros have been defined in the new Tiegris version:

:name:, :no:, :date: and :tm:.

Defines the path where to save subdomain results during a parallel computation (MPI).

Further changes are concerning the boundary conditions for inlet and outlet. These are documented in the Rismo2D handbook (in german language).

© Michael Schröder


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